• Television and Monitor Lift Mechanisms

    A smart mechanism of flat screen vertical motion, built-in false walls, false ceilings and furniture.

Imagine your bedroom television appearing and disappearing simply by the push of a button

MODE’s hidden Lift Mechanisms, are high quality and made to offer silent, smooth and steady motion.

Television and Monitor Lift Mechanisms

Simply choose the installation spot

Monitors can be hidden everywhere, like in the wall, ceiling, in furniture or even under the floor. These mechanisms also allow a complete 360 rotation, offering the flexibility to position the monitor according to your liking for better viewing. The use of lift mechanisms, makes it possible to install flat monitors in places you’ve never thought of, while adding to the room’s aesthetics.

Television and Monitor Lift Mechanisms

Why Choose Us

MODE is a certified company with ISO 9001, specializing in research, supply and installation of Monitor Lift Mechanisms for residences, offices, hotels and other facilities. We use high tech products that are exclusively supplied to us from top European Houses while they are further technically supported even after the sale.

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