Best-in-class handcrafted switches, sockets, and keypads

Rhombus offers a complete range of contemporary electrical accessories available in a variety of finishes to suit the demands of a rapidly changing design market. It is a European manufacturer of high-end electrical equipment crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Creating a bridge between the electrical and aesthetic world with comfort in mind is a complex and scrupulous process. In today’s changing world of technology, design and innovation must go hand in hand to create the right blend of comfort and design.

Rhombus products are available in Greece exclusively by ABAS Integrated Systems

Design your product. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Rhombus iconic products communicate a desire of uniqueness, acting as a reference for aesthetically refined and qualitatively demanding customers.

Finishing & Customization

Choose from our range of finishes and combine them as you want. Customize your switches with LED, engravings, text, and logo!

Endless Functionality

A whole world of possible button combinations. From light and climate adjustments to access control and advanced automations

Complete Integration

Compatible withCRESTRONKNX and many others, the keypads support various technologies to achieve the best in automation.


Rhombus supports European, British, Italian, and American backboxes based on the electrical standards of each country.

Choose from the most desirable metallic finishes

Give a premium aesthetic touch and advanced technology to your interiors with metal finishes on sockets, switches, and keypads. In contemporary and luxurious environments, where every detail counts, the metallic collection creates some of the bold impressions of aesthetics and comfort.

Brushed Bronze

Bronze Brushed Finish is a deep warm finish with brush marks that subtly reveal a warm copper color with a matte protective coating. Metals are meant to be mixed. Contrast is the key! Combine matte and polished finishes to create a visually rich atmosphere.

Antic Brass

The Brass Antic Finish adds charm and warmth to any space while it is one of the most go-to choice of metals in today’s most popular hotel design aesthetics. Why is that? Simply because you can have Brass Antic almost in any style you can think of. This metal complements nickel, bronze, chrome, and black metals, so feel free to use more than one finish throughout your project.

Brushed Brass

Brass Brushed Finish is timeless. Thanks to new tone and finish options that pair nicely with other colors, brass is making a comeback as a top choice in hospitality design. Brass Brushed finishes are pretty much “alive”, since they are left unsealed so that they will naturally patina over time, which over the years, exposure to the elements will make them dull and darken. This characteristic is part of their identity and should not be considered as defective.

White Matt

White Matt Finish is a matt surface that is dull rather than shiny – a creamy white matt emulsion. This finish is a bright, fresh white shade with a super matte finish which brings in a lot of light and joy… The frame and buttons are with a shiny and mirror effect which makes this combination perfectly balanced.

Black Brushed

Black Brushed Finish has a dull polish made through friction. The metal is polished with a fine bristle brush on a wheel that moves in the same direction the whole time, then softened with a special compound. This leaves a matte sheen on the steel that make this finish classy and eternal.

Explore some of the most popular products

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Tailored to your soul with an excellence to details, custom finishes for the Crestron Horizon and Horizon EX dimmers give a complete custom control to your lifestyle. In contemporary and luxurious environments, where every detail counts, our finishes create some of the boldest impressions of luxury and comfort.

The Collections. Inspired by Greek Mythology.

Discover the Rhombus collections and find the style that suits you best

Private and commercial applications

RHOMBUS manufactures beautiful custom switches and sockets that express the individuality of your interior.


Level up the style of your luxurious home with high-end switches, sockets and keypads that can be also integrated with lighting, audio and video, security, air conditioning, barriers, curtain controls and heating systems.


Comfort on-board at the touch of your fingertips! Whether it’s your home or yacht, we provide complete integration and automation with CRESTRON automation systems that are commonly used in these applications.


Create an unforgettable guest experience by providing guest room automations, temperature and lighting control, access control integration, conference and banqueting automation, and public spaces integration with different material and design of switches and sockets.

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