• High-End Glass Speakers

    Upgrade your space with unique design speakers of amazing sound.

  • High-End Glass Speakers

    Upgrade your space with unique design speakers of amazing sound.

  • High-End Glass Speakers

    Upgrade your space with unique design speakers of amazing sound.

What makes WATERFALL speakers so unique?

Aesthetics, reliability, quality materials and their innovative technology.


WATERFALL’s glass speakers are produced in France with high standards and unparalleled appearance, appropriate for any type of interior design without really affecting the room’s aesthetics.

The supreme sound quality, deep bass, full mids and high frequencies, classify these speakers as top choice for any stereo system or multi-zone sound system.

Floor Glass Speakers



Luxury on every level! Built from diamond cut glass with a specially built tweeter horn, metallic aluminum details and a base with Nappa leather finish, all hand stitched, NIAGARA are floor speakers with a height of 120cm. Besides their fine design, they may also produce rich and natural sound beyond any expectation.



Luxurious and elegant with a stunning dynamic and clear sound. The Victoria EVO speaker can produce the entire spectrum of frequencies without the support of a subwoofer. These exceptional Hi – Fi speakers have awesome performance while remaining discreet and elegant.



Balanced and full of sound! Compelling and slick, it offers stunning dynamic and full sound. These Hi – Fi speakers offer premium audio performance, elegance and discreteness.

Wall and Table Glass Speakers



The fine combination of glass, aluminum and latest technology offers important innovations of quality sound while only a small installation space is required.



Beautifully sculpted with a thick double layer of glass and aluminum frame. Designed to be used as the main speaker along with the Igurascu «Evo» or Victoria «Evo» for Home Cinema, it is also available for autonomous use that enables excellent sound performance and avant-garde design.



Precise perfection, extremely compact, elegant and of high performance. Built from glass and aluminum, this mini wall satellite has both a built-in the wall support and a table stand. Upgrade your space in style, applicable both for Hi Fi and for Home Cinema systems.



With Waterfall’s new generation of subwoofers, High Force, you get the ideal solution of a stylish yet effective Hi Fi audiovisual system. These subwoofers deliver low frequencies that are accurate and full of depth. Every model of this product line is unique in its own category. Also available in black color.

Accessories for Hurricane, Elora & Serio Models

Freestanding Stands

Wall Stands

Table Stands

Built-in Stands

Colorful Covers


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