• Invisible Hi-Fi Speakers

    Putting aesthetics over technology

The invisible speakers deliver high performance, full range sound and volume and are great for a completely hidden Hi – Fi sound system solution.

In today’s homes, there is a significant need for installing speakers in various rooms. That may at times result in spoiling the decoration.


Designed for every space

The invisible speakers can be used in many home applications such as in Stereo sound systems or in Home Cinema Dolby surround systems and be further combined with a projector or with a Multiroom audio system in any room. Due to their water-resistant construction, they may be installed in bathrooms or indoor pools. They are also suitable for offices, exhibition venues, shops or for any other professional and architectural applications.


Invisible crystal sound

Any room can have Hi-Fi speakers of high quality and volume and wide dispersion with “crystal” clear sound and high performance of low frequencies, which are invisibly transmitted. In parts of the house where low frequencies need to be amplified, subwoofers may also be used.


Easy installation

Their application is easy since they are installed by cutting the plasterboard in the exact size of each speaker. They are then placed, and at the end painted over like the plasterboard itself or they can be covered with your choice of tapestry. They can also be installed on brick walls of special housing.


Why Choose Us

MODE is a certified company with ISO 9001, specializing in research, supply and installation of Automation Systems of speakers for residences, offices, buildings, yachts, hotels and other facilities. High tech products are used which are exclusively supplied to us from top European Houses while they are further technically supported even after the sale.

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