• Custom Glass Televisions

    Installed or built-in Televisions in any desired dimension.

Art pieces of unique aesthetics. Elegant and waterproof, they will ideally fit in style in every room.

MODE provides you with the well-known custom glass televisions by AGATH


Top French design and Production Company of GLASS LED Televisions, emphasizing in technology and design,
is committed to offering
best image according to your demands.

Custom Glass Televisions

For every space

Custom televisions come in a variety of dimensions from 18″ to 82″ and are ideal for any room in the house such as the Living room, Lounge, Bedroom, Kitchen.

Custom Glass Televisions

Full HD Experience

Their ports include HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-Video, scart and composite, in maximum resolution of Full HD 1080p/24. They incorporate teletext and are ideal for Multi Room applications.

An impressive alternative to conventional screens in the market.

Custom Glass Televisions

No Limitations

These televisions are waterproof and certified with an IP66 water resistant; specifically designed for any type of environment with increased humidity such as the bathroom or shower. Made to keep water out, their monitors are made of high quality safety glass for high color rendering and are most suitable for Bathrooms, Saunas and Yachts.

Custom Glass Televisions

You may choose from a variety of finishing details

See how a classic mirror is transformed in an advanced TV monitor maintaining high quality design and image standards.

Custom Glass Televisions

Simply choose the installation spot

Built-in or on the wall, the possibilities are countless.

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Custom Glass Televisions

For Hotels

AGATH televisions are ideal for hotels since they incorporate IP television technology. These products will add to your hotel’s rooms and shared areas architectural style.

AGATH has an impressive clientele portfolio of installation projects for luxurious hotels all over the world.

Custom Glass Televisions

Why Choose Us

MODE is a certified company with ISO 9001, specializing in research, supply and installation of Televisions for residences, offices, hotels and other facilities. We are the exclusive representative of AGATH in Greece and we use high quality systems, services and after sales support.

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