In a luxurious villa located in Ithaca, with a living room, swimming pool, spa, gym, firepit, outdoor living room, outdoor screening area, 3 bedrooms and a guest room, MODE designed, supplied and installed the following systems:

  • Polyzone Audio Distribution System with speakers of leading European and American brands suitable for indoor and permanent outdoor installation offering top quality sound in all areas.
  • HiFi speakers with Particular emphasis was placed on design, to fit harmoniously with the highly aesthetic architectural design of all spaces.
  • 2 Home Cinema Systems with 4K videoprojectors (indoor and outdoor) for watching movies with the best possible picture and sound results.

The central control of the above systems is achieved through the Home Automation System. Through the automation system, independent audio and video distribution is achieved in all areas of the home with full control from special iPad application with simple handling through a functional graphical interface, without the need to change the application for each service. The whole system is built with devices and dedicated music servers to handle all functions from just one application.

Making the most of the automation system, each room of the home has autonomous use of the audio and video systems for each use such as music streaming, movie streaming, satellite channels etc. providing a complete and comfortable experience to owners and guests with high quality sound and video.

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