• CCTV Surveillance System with a Closed Circuit of Security Cameras

In today’s times, using security cameras is necessary not only in residential spaces but also in business facilities


What is CCTV

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a surveillance and recording system of image and sound. The system consists of cameras that are placed in various areas that we need to watch along with a recording device.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

What are the benefits

By using a cutting edge technology CCTV surveillance system you may monitor your property from anywhere you are. Either from home or from some computer at your office or even through your mobile, having a clear high definition image. You may also refer to past recordings so that to watch an incident that took place even days before.


CCTV Technology

In analog systems, cameras are connected with coaxial cable to the recording device, which may also incorporate a monitor where you can observe the site in real time. The recording device can be connected to the network so that internet accessing is possible with a maximum image resolution of 960H.

HD-CVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) systems can transmit images in a maximum resolution of Full HD 1080p and operate with the same coaxial cables like in analog cameras. Except from image, sound and OSD or PTZ monitoring are also transmitted through the same cable.

In IP systems, the cameras and recording device are connected with the existing Ethernet network of the house/office and no extra cabling is required. Again, accessing cameras is enabled with internet of a maximum image resolution of Full HD 1080p.


How is it installed

Installation and placement of a CCTV surveillance system is done after careful consideration and study, so that all areas that require having a permanent recording are indeed covered.


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MODE is a certified company with ISO 9001, specializing in research, supply and installation of CCTVV Surveillance Systems for residences, offices, hotels and other facilities. Having a 30-year experience, we use high tech products that are exclusively supplied to us from top European Houses while they are further technically supported even after the sale.

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